My London Marathon Challenge – Part 2

run I hope you all enjoyed part 1 and that it gave you an insight into why I am doing the 2014 London Marathon.

So 6 weeks ago I started training for the BIG one the London Marathon; I downloaded a 24 week intermediate training plan for the London Marathon website and set about following the programme.

At first it was a real shock to the system getting back into a formal training routine (Something I haven’t done since leaving university in 2003); but I knew it would be worth it and had to get on with it!! The first week involved running for 6 out of 7 days (although I ran a leg of the 4 x 100m relay at our final SAL match) meaning I ran every day. The first session was an easy jog for 10mins followed by a run for 10mins… The week ended with an hour run which I successfully managed and so it began!!

Week 2 involved 5 days of running including what should have been a 60min run on the Sunday but I thought it said 75mins so that’s what I did running 12.9km… Feeling happy after that run!!

After week 2 I invested in a new pair of runners and after week 3 a GPS watch to help me pace myself.

Week 3 and 4 was pretty much the same with a mix of easy jogs and Fartlek training. I was at last feeling fit again. I have been getting up early in the morning to do most of my training runs as I want to get them out the way before starting work.

There have been days when I was like “I need to say in bed” but I just got up and started running.

What have I experienced on my training runs??

Well not a great deal to write about at the moment the highlights so far being a dog running along with me for part of my run and one of my sponsors cheering me on whilst walking their dog. I will make sure I look out for some more interesting things on my runs.

That’s it for part 2!!! In part 3 I will let you all know about my first two races plus anything else interesting.

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