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100m start line at Kent School Games

Athletics Explained – Athlete Age Groups

Athletics explained provides information on the age groups for young athletes

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Improve Running Performance – Weighted Vest

Are you looking for ways to take your running to the next level?

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Athletics Sprints on the track

Athletics Sprinting Spikes 2023

New Sprint Spikes for 2023

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Women’s Athletics World Records – 100m Hurdles and 400m Hurdles

View the women’s 100m hurdle and 400m hurdle world records

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Coaching Advice

Our top tips for athletes and coaches.

Runners starting a race

Top tips to improve the start of your race

Our top tips on how to improve the start of your race

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Dynamic Athletics Warm Up

Learn the basics of an athletics dynamic warm up.

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Getting started with running

We share our tips for getting started with running

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