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Jumps spikes explained

Following our article on running spikes here we look at jumps spikes and how the differ. There are four events that cover field events and these are:

  • Long Jump
  • Triple Jump
  • High Jump
  • Pole Vault

We look at each event and spike in more detail below.

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Long Jump Spikes

Long Jump Spikes are specially designed to allow an athlete to maximise their acceleration and speed during the run up. The flat sole of the spike will also provide the athlete with comfort and leverage to take-off it the correct position at the board.

Long Jump spikes also provide more support to your ankle and feet.

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Triple Jump Spikes

Triple Jump athletes use the whole sole of their feet when jumping so triple jump spikes will have support and cushioning throughout the full length of the spike. Triple Jump spikes have a secure fit to ensure the foot does not move too much during each phase of the jump.

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High Jump Spikes

High Jump spikes provide athletes with a lot of support to their ankles during the run up and take off.

High Jump spikes are different to running spikes as you will find up four spikes on the heel part of the spike. This is because High Jumpers during take off will place their foot heel first so the additional spikes provide maximum grip in any weather/track conditions.

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Pole Vault Spikes

Pole Vault spikes are very similar to Long Jump spikes by providing the athlete with support across the full length of the spike. The design of the spike will provide the athlete with stable take off position when planting the pole at take off.

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