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Throws shoes explained

There are four throwing events these are outlined below:

  1. Javelin Spikes/Boots
  2. Shot
  3. Discus
  4. Hammer

We will now look more closely at each type of throwing shoe available.

jav spikes

Javelin Spikes

Javelin spikes are very similar to high jump spikes as they have spikes in the front and back parts of the shoe. This is to allow the athlete to stop and plant the foot correctly when throwing the javelin.

Javelin spikes are the heaviest of all spikes on the market but this is to provide the athlete with stability and support. This is required due to the force applied to the foot when the athlete throws.

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shot shoe

Shot Put Shoes

To succeed in shot put you require a shoe that will give you the grip & manoeuvrability across the circle to provide you with a solid base to push the shot put as far as possible.

There are two different styles to throwing: the more traditional glide, or the ever-increasing in popularity rotation technique; so depending on your style you might need look at your shoes. If you are a rotation thrower you could look at a discus shoe.

If you throw the discus as well as the shot/hammer it might be worth considering a shoe that is good for multiple throws events and will save you money.

As with many spikes and shoes a velcro strap in comniation with laces will assist in securing your foot into the shoe.

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Discus/Hammer Throw Shoes

For hammer and discus throwers as well as shot putter many athletes can use the same shoe for all events. This saves money in the long run and doesn’t require changes of shoes between events. We would recommend perhaps having a couple of pairs of throwing shoes to alternate when training and competing.

The main features of a hammer or discus shoe are:

  • Versatility – having a shoe that can be used for more than one event.
  • Comfort – it is important that the athlete fill comfortable when throwing.
  • Stability/Security – making sure your feet will secure and stable will ensure you are ready to throw.
  • Durability – if you are using the shoes for both training and competing in multiple event then a durable shoe is a must.
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